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Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018

In this digital world, neck and back pain is a result of constant use of computer. Going to a therapist seems like an expensive solution. An affordable solution is to buy a chair after reading best massage chair reviews 2018 and to use it when need arises.

You never know whether your muscles get pull or your shoulder ache beginss. Mostly, this pain starts at night when you have no choice to see a therapist or book an appointment. Massage creams work good but many of them don’t prove to be as effective as an FDA approved medical  massager.

People think that making an investment on a  chair seems is high. No doubt, cost of a good quality chair is high but this investment pay you back in many different ways. You get immediate treatment, no need of appointment and booking for a spa. Many chairs bring full body massage that is effective when you have neck,shoulder, hip and back pain.Moreover, you get a chance to have a soothing feet and calves massage that drops down your tension and anxiety level while improving blood circulation side by side.

Top 10  Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018

There are so many products in the market, it becomes quite hard for you to pick the best massage chair for you. So, we decided to add comfort into your life and bring a comprehensive guide of Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017.  This guide includes quick highlights, detailed review of each chair and a comparative analysis. So, let’s find out the complete details of each chair.

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1.Osaki OS4000

Making a list of top massage product is not so easy, you have to consider a lot of things at the same times from features to style to quality. And without any doubt, Osaki OS4000 is the best of all other chairs available in the market. You can title it as “Best Massage chair in the world”. It comes with robust designs, best features, soothing massage and mind blowing Zero Gravity technology.

Osaki os 400 top 10 best massage chair reviews 2017

It is the only chair which brings truly S-Track technology, so you get a massage according to your body shape and contour. Customized massage experience is made possible through computerized Body scan technology.

Feeling pain in legs? This  chair from Osaki brings auto recline and legs extensions. Soft to medium leg stretches will melt away your leg pain and improve blood circulation.

Other features which make it my top choice are 6 unique pre-set programs, air pressure massage for hip, foot, calves, shoulder and arm, lower back heat therapy, auto leg scan and seat vibration massage.

You will get full control over its functions through easy-to-use large LCD Display with wireless remote. You can increase and decrease massages intensity and speed as well.Amazon best price homreviews

2.Inada Songo Dreamwave

Second best massage chair in the market is Inada Songo Dreamwave. You will find it in almost every second top 10 best massage chair reviews 2017 list.  You don’t need to believe on my statement, just do a little research yourself.

Now you might be interested to know what is the reason,  why reviewers add it into their list. Well, the answer is quite simple. This chair has remarkable features. It serves its users in the best manner available. It has good ratings and reviews in online marketplacr. People who use it for long time like two or three years claim that this chair is the best; since it offers  the most relaxing experience.

Inada songo dreamwave top 10 best massage chair reviews 2017

The massage therapy offers by Inada Dreamwave is the best solution for neck and back pain. So, if you feel constant neck/shoulder/back pain, you must give it a try. It is suggested to visit your nearest market and test drives this product. A 10 minute massage of this product will relax your mind and you will start thinking of making it a member of your home.

The word Song means “Dream” in Italian . Indeed, the soothing massage of this chair takes you into your dream world since you feel so relaxed and stressed free. This leather chair is designed by Expert Japanese Engineers and Shiatsu Masters. Therefore, you get a product which delivers the perfect motions all over your body, you feel like hugged and cradled by this it.

Proprietary Inada Dream wave technology brings 8 motions massage that is exactly like a therapy from the hands of a Shiatsu expert. This massage machine mimics the exact movements and balances the body during a session. That’s why you get the best results i.e. no more muscle stretches and pain.

Gentle flexion, stretches and extensions of shoulder, mid-back and hips make it possible for you to feel quite relaxed. It  covers your whole body with broadest coverage over 1200 square inches. No other chair in the market wraps your whole body in the same way.

Special Feature :

These days, youngsters also need relaxation as they have their own level of muscle pain and stretch. Inada knows this fact. Therefore, they add a special YOUTH session which is best for young users over 14. They can also enjoy the healing power of Inada Songo Dreamwave.

Another interesting feature of Inada Chair is its 8 pre-programmed massage sequences. You will get different therapy experience for morning and night time as requirement is different in different time of the day.Amazon best price homreviews

3.Full Body Shiatsu Recliner Bed EC-69

Need a full body massage ? You would surely like to consider EC-69 massage chair recliner. First feature that makes it quite special is that it is super affordable chair as compared to other chairs in the market. Even it is the cheapest massage chair compared to other  chairs in my top 10 Best Massage chair reviews 2017 list.  So, when you have tight budget but still need the best product ,one and only EC-69 would be the best choice.Best massage chair recliner bed

Compression and Percussion mode is indeed the best for legs. It doesn’t only enhance flexibility and mobility but also help in posture correction.  You feel stress-free after enjoying  therapy of this mode.

Chop Action, Tapping and Flapping seem like magical massage motions which are designed to relax your sore and stiffed body muscles.  In addition, these strong moments soften thick layers of fatty deposits. You get the best shiatsu  results through this full body massage chair recliner.

You buy a massage chair because you really want the good massage, so believe me New full body Shiatsu chair EC-69 offers best massage at great value. If you buy this chair, you never feel regret on your decision. There are many happy customers who leave positive detailed reviews  for this chair. You can read such reviews when you get some free time.

There are five types of options to choose from. Or when you turn on “Auto” you enjoy different massage combinations. You have full control over intensity and speed.

Exclusive Feature:

Shiatsu  technique is regarded the best solution for neck, shoulder and back pain. This massage recliner brings this technique for your comfort. Powerful rollers move up and down on your body and you feel like fingers of an expert are putting pressure for direct and effective massage. Kneading mode is designed to drop down your work stress and workout knots. You can turn it on especially when you feel tired after full day work.Amazon best price homreviews

4.Beautyhealth Massage Chair

Need an advanced technology massage chair?  Then it is your time to read Authentic BeautyHealth massage chair review. This chair brings massage and music side by side. In other words, you can enjoy a deep shiatsu massage while listening to MP3 songs. Play your favorite song and go to a world where all your stress will be taken away through an efficient full body therapy.Authentic beautyhealth best zero gravity massage chair

It is an intelligent Massage chair since it works after human body scan. Your complete body is scanned , so chair gets an idea about your body contour and size. This information is helpful for the chair in delivering you the fully personalized massage experience.

A 30 Minute uninterrupted massage from head to toe is indeed an X-Factor of this BeautyHealth chair. There are 6 new auto programs: AWAKE, PRESCRIPTION, FATIGUIE, PHYSICAL THEARPY, HEALTH CARE AND RELAX to choose from.

This Luxury massage chair brings 4-wheel driven hands that move vertically. When you need full back and shoulder massage, you can adjust the movements of vertical hands.

You get access to 24 different types of massage options. Go and try either full body massage or simply adjust roller to specific point where you are feeling pain and need the quick treatment.

The best of all, you are able to  try best foot and calve air bag massage. Feet and calves are those areas which get affected badly due to your routine work. When you really need relaxation then you can turn on foot and calf option, while you have full control over  intensity.

Best Feature:

It is the best heated massage chair which brings JADE heat therapy so all your workout knots will be gone away. No matter how stiffed your shoulder muscles are, a 10 minute shoulder massage will do the real magic.There is built-in heat in back and set but when you need special heat therapy then Jade heat technology comes handy.Its user can adjust the speed and intensity of every type of massage . He  would like to enjoy Flapping, Knocking, Massaging, Rolling, Shiatsu, and Kneading modes.Amazon best price homreviews

5.Human Touch iJoy 2580

Looking for premium robotic massage chair? A quick look at Human Touch iJoy 2580 review  will make it clear for you that it is a product you need the most.

As the name suggest, it is a robotic massage chair that add happiness into your life by keeping stress away from your body through an efficient therapy. It is featured with cup holder for keeping drinks, auxiliary power outlet for charging mobile device and espresso color options for selection.Human touch ijoy most affordable massage chair reviews 2017

Look at this chair and you will admit that it is a space saving furniture. People who leave in one bedroom apartment or small areas can easily adjust it in their available space with ease.

There are three auto massage options to choose from such as Back Refresh,  Neck and Shoulder Relief and Lower Back release. No matter you feel pain in back , neck or shoulder , you  have a chance to use one program and get rid of your pain in a matter of seconds.

It is the best massage chair recliner, you can pull recline of iJoy 2580 and take this chair to a near 180 degree angle and  thus relax your body muscles. It comes with built-in control panel that offers you a chance to use auto programs or simply try manual massage techniques.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 is rated as a Best Buy in 2014 by Consumer Digest based on its price, quality and extra facilities like full recline, auxiliary power outlet, cup holder and beautiful color options.

It is the second most affordable massage chair in my Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017 list. So, if you spend on this chair, then this investment will offer you good return in long run.Amazon best price homreviews

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6.Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massager

Many people need medical massage chairs since they suffer from chronic neck and back pain. It is hard for them to visit a  therapy salon every other day.  And this option is quite expensive as well. Therefore, they plan of buying a medical  therapy option for them.  It is suggested to them to read Luraco iRobotics 7 review and then decide whether this is the right chair for them or not.Luraco irobotics 7 review most expensive massage chair

Luraco i7 iRobtics massage chair is designed with true 3D robotic system. This advanced technology allows this chair to deliver the most amazing massage experience to its users. This chair can alleviate your pain level, no matter you feel  neck, back or hip pain.

Foot and calf are those two body parts which are often neglected during a massage by an expert therapist. But these areas need special attention for rejuvenating mind and body. Luraco Company knows this fact, therefore they bring 3 layered foot and calf massage for its users. There are double rollers that offer the most comfortable massage experience.

This is a true heated massage chair since it brings full body heat such as for feet, seat and back. There are five different heat intensity level. User can pick one level that he needs.

Luraco iRobotics 7 offers the best massage. But there is a problem, this chair is very expensive. It is the most expensive chair in my Top 10 Best Massage Chair reviews 2017. It simply means that not every person can afford it. But if you buy it , then you will get a chair that has simply no match in the market in terms of massage quality , design and technology.

Amazing Feature:

An x-factor of this i7 iRobotics  is that it is used in USA military bases . Soldiers feel tired due to heavy workouts and tough job. But they need to keep their energy level high all the time. Therefore, they use this optimal technology chair that reduce body stress level and melt away muscle aches very quickly.Amazon best price homreviews

7.Electric Full Body Massage Chair 06C

Electric chairs are high in demand. People who need a combination of electric plus full body shiatsu massage therapy should consider Electric full body massage chair 06C. It brings the best shiatsu results: pain relief, reduce stress, drop down muscle aches and  body anxiety level. Only a 15 minute therapy refreshes mind and body of the user.Electric full body shiatsu massage chair recliner stretched foot rest 06

Just like New Full body EC-69, this  chair also brings compression and percussion modes for legs just to improve flexibility,. mobility and posture.

There are four amazing  auto programs based on user’s requirements such as Recovery program, Extend Program, Refresh program and Relax program. Pick a program and enter into a tension-free zone.

Another great feature is  built-in Heat intelligent roller system, so you are able to enjoy shiatsu massage with heat. This chair is designed to fit best to human body contour and shape. More than 30 air bags are added to offer you soothing air bag massage.

As far as price is concerned , it is the third most affordable massage chair in my Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2017 list. You don’t need to break the bank for becoming an owner of this advanced chair.Amazon best price homreviews

8.Panasonic EP1285Kl  with Chiro Mode

Panasonic is among the top electronic product brands. Therefore, people don’t hesitate to buy from this brand. They know that they will get access to top quality customer and after sale support, even when there is some issue in the product. But good thing is that you don’t find any big flaw in the quality and design of Panasonic EP1285. It is one of the best massage chairs in the world.Panasonic chiro mode ep1285kl massage chair review price

Panasonic EP1285 chair is designed with luxury leather upholstery, advanced quad-style Massage Technology, auto Recline and Air ottoman system.If you are a big fan of Shiatsu technique, then don’t worry  since this Panasonic massage chair also brings the most comfy shiatsu experience for its users.  You enjoy real human-touch like massage where your specific pressure points are touched in a way that you get utmost relaxation at the end.

Panasonic Massage chairs are liked by people because they are usually made of high quality material. The same is true about EP1285KL model that is made of high quality leather upholstery with quite attractive brushed aluminum accents and best finish. Other features include 4 Pre-set Programs : Shiatsu, Swedish, Quick and Chiro Mode, easy-to-use Remote Control for personalized massage.

In addition, you get access to 8 Manual Massage Operations that include Knead, Compression, Swedish, Hawaiian, Full & Regional Roll, Soft Shiatsu and Tapping, Just compare it with  other available massage chairs in the market and you will realize that it is matchless product l.

Interesting Feature :

In this chair, you will find an exclusive Chiro mode which will let you enjoy a new yet very effective Chiro therapy. This technique is considered the best solution . it offers instant pain relief and reduce body fatigue in a matter of seconds.Amazon best price homreviews

9.Real Relax Favor 03 Zero Gravity Massager

If you need the most relaxing massage chair then you should check Real Relax Favor 03 review. It will unlock all features which make this product quite perfect for everyday use, designed with real zero gravity and armrest linkage system. You can get full body shiatsu massage from it just  to reduce neck and pain back and also to drop down fatigue level to a great extent.Real relax best full body massage chair review

There are 4 preset programs which are designed to add ultimate comfort into your life. Seat comes with heat, air squeeze and vibrator , so you can experience a delightful vibrating massage as well.

Almost 50 airbags are set all over seat, legs, arms and shoulders. A soothing air bag massage is a must when you need relaxation after long day work.  It has built in heater that increases blood circulation and enhances  metabolism rate. If you are a person who care about healthy lifestyle then you must add this real relax product in your living room.

Many times, taller people feel it hard to enjoy great foot massage. Real Relax Company knows this fact . So, Company designed favor 03 with extended footrest. So, a person doesn’t feel comfortable at all despite the fact what his height is.Amazon best price homreviews

10.Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Everyone likes to start his day fresh,  it is made possible by Kahuna LM6800. It is an advanced technology chair with  true zero gravity position, L-track system and computerized body scan. If a user want to customized his massage experience , he can easily do necassary settings with easy to use remote control.Kahuna best zero gravity massage chair pictures review buying guide lm6800

A special feature of LM6800  that stands it out in the Top 10 Massage Chair Reviews 2018 list is “Yoga Stretching”.  For yoga fans, this feature is like a blessing. Leg and arm stretches help you feel relax, calm and fresh.

You get full body air massage technology since this chair has air bags all around your body parts such as back, neck, arms, legs, hips,etc.  Double layered shoulder airbags offer the best shoulder shiatsu therapy that brings the best health results. Another great feature is space saving technology. You can keep this chair 3 inches away from the wall.

Last year, people were facing problem with foot rollers of Kahuna LM6800. They reported that rollers felt intense and hurt sometimes. At the start of this year, Kahuna Massage Chair Company took notice of this issue and added extra padding to foot roller. This thing made is clear that customer reviews and satisfaction is a priority for the company. If you buy from them then they will always keep you first and you will enjoy good customer care service.

Amazon best price homreviews


You have checked Top 10 Massage Chair Reviews 2017 list along with comparative analysis of these massage products. The next thing is to take decision and to pick one product. If price is not a problem then Luraco iRobotics i7 is the best choice. But when you have tight budget then you should consider Human Touch iJoy, New Full Body EC-69 or Electric 06C.People who can’t comprise on quality at all and can afford a good price chair must go with Inada Songo Dreamwave and OSAKI 4000.  This is just my opinion , you don’t need to be agreed with me at any point. Read the reviews and then make your final choice. If you have some questions and queries , feel free to ask. I would like to know about your selection of best massage chair and your comments about my comprehensive review guide post.