Full body shiatsu massage chair with jade heat features

Authentic Beautyhealth Massage Chair Reviews Get 3D Body Scan

We are living in the digital world where we have a chance to use Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Massage Chair with 3D Body Scan.  If you check this chair online, you might notice beautyhealth  massage chair reviews  and 5 star ratings by  its customers. Indeed, it is designed with great features. This chair seems like a gift of modern technology. It offers you a gentle massage after a 3D scan of your body. You feel relaxed and stress-free as soon as your 30-minute uninterrupted massage gets over. It is the best Shiatsu massage chair for old people and those who have back and muscle problems. Let’s read detailed:

Full body shiatsu massage chair with jade heat features

Authentic Beautyhealth  Massage Chair Reviews : Enjoy  3D Body Scan Review

The main purpose of a massage chair is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day work. No doubt, this chair from Authentic Beautyhealth fulfills its main purpose. You enjoy head to toe relaxing massage and get rid of fatigue as soon as you stand up from this chair. You get a massage at night and next day you feel fresh. This means you get extra energy for your work and routine life activities.

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This Shiatsu massage chair is designed with some great features. Let’s unveil details of all features one by one.

6 Auto Programs

This massage chair comes with a display panel where you can see some buttons. These buttons helps you set a specific massage program for yourself. There are 6 auto massage programs to choose from such as :AWAKE, PRESCRIPTION, FATIGUIE, PHYSICAL THEARPY, HEALTH CARE AND RELAX. No matter what program you choose, you get a very soothing massage for your back, shoulder, calves, foot, and thighs.

Multiple massage settings massage chair picture


New luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair Performance

Normally, when you take a massage from a therapy clinic, only one person is available for service with his/her two hands. But Shiatsu massage chair promises you a therapy that you get in a luxury spa and massage center. The chair is integrated with four- wheels driven muted massage hands vertically movable.  That’s mean two persons are available to deliver you a massage that you always want. You can adjust position of these hands. For example, if you need full back massage then set position of vertical massagers toward your back.beautyhealth massage chair reviews price and features

3D Body Scan

A therapist offers you a massage based on your needs and requirements. In the same way, you are able to get personalized massage with this chair. Actually, it comes with 3D body scanner. When you sit on this chair, it scans your body and delivers you a massage which your body needs the most.

24 Types of Massage

There are many massage chairs available in the market. But none of these offer such a great variety of massage you can get with authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu massage chair. Pick a type you like and get a massage that loosens your tight body muscles.

Manual Massage Setting

This chair gives you a chance to manually do setting of your massage. You can adjust intensity and speed of your massage. Every massage comes with 5 speed levels, you are free to set a level you need. Even you are able to adjust type of massage such as kneading, rolling, tapping, flapping, knocking, shiatsu, massaging, etc. You can also fix the roller position at a point you like.Full body massage chair control panel

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Deep Foot and Calve Massage

After a long day of work, your feet need specific massage. This chair is indeed a luxury one since it offers the best foot and calve massage you can ever get with any other massage chair. For calve massage, this chair features 12 airbags. You are able to experience a very soothing airbag massage while trying 4 different combinations and two intensity levels. Foot area is also mounted with 14 airbags.There are 10 sets of massage kneading balls that help you get the deep foot and calves massage through this Authentic Beautyhealth  massage chair.beautyhealth massage chair reviews


If you like to enjoy your favorite song and massage side by side then this facility is also available with this chair.

Jade Heating

In order to intensify the experience of your massage, this chair brings a handheld heating device.You would love to make a combination of heat and massage just to relax your sore body muscles.


Here are some benefits of massage chair.

  • A relaxing arm massage is made possible through this Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Massage Chair. You are able to select intensity and speed of your massage.
  • Full back massage is the best thing you get from this chair. People who suffer from constant back pain would consider this chair as a blessing. It helps them get rid of pain.
  • You feel fresh as soon as your massage gets over.
  • 3D scanner will scan your body and offer a customized massage experience your body deserves.
  • A wide variety of massage options are available. Sometimes, you like to try rubbing while other times your body needs deep shiatsu massage. It’s all made possible through this chair.
  • You would often fall asleep on this chair. In other words, utmost relaxation is an ultimate benefit of this chair.

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Authentic beautyhealth massage chair best price


This chair comes with some shortcomings. Let’s find out what these are:

  • There is no instruction manual. You might find it a little hard to deal with a lot of buttons on display panel of this chair.  You need time to get used to this chair.
  • This chair doesn’t have built-in heat feature. You will get a Jade hand-held heating device. Unlike other chairs that offer Shiatsu massage with heat, this chair doesn’t have this feature. If you like  shiatsu massage with heat function then this might not be a good chair for you.

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I hope you will enjoy reading  Authentic Beautyhealth Massage Chair  reviews . I highlighted all good and bad aspects of this chair, so you can decide own your own whether this chair is a best fit for you or not. If you don’t care about heating feature much then this chair definitely offers you other amazing features. But I will leave final decision on you. Would you like to Buy This Shiatsu Massage Chair with 3D body scan? Share your opinion with us.

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