Electric full body shiatsu massage chair 06c review

Electric Full body Shiatsu Massage Chair 06C Review

Picking the best electric massage chair is no​t an easy task since there are so many electric massage chairs in the market. But I had to pick one, so I compared the top ones and at the end, I picked Electric Full body Shiatsu massage chair 06C. Now you might like to know what the reason is. Well there are many different reasons such as its price, feature, design and the ultimate comfort. I composed a complete electric 06C best massage chair review for you. This review will pour light on the best features of this electric massager. Let’s find out more about this massage product.

 Electric full body shiatsu massage chair 06c review

​Electric Full body Shiatsu massage chair 06C Review

Basically, when we go to shop a product then we doesn’t consider just one thing. We look into every single thing about it and then to decide whether it is perfect for us or not. The same happened to me when I was selecting an electric massage chair. I evaluated every single thing about it from its design to color , functions to power and the most important thing I looked into its drawbacks and customer reviews.

Best features

Before I show the negative side of this electric massage chair, I want you to know what the best about this massage chair is. Let’s dig into the best features.

4 Programs designed for User

This electric massage chair brings 4 programs that cater the needs of end user in a right way such as:

  1. Recovery program
  2. Extend program
  3. Refresh Program
  4. Relax program

I don’t think these programs need further clarification since name of each program makes it clear what is its main purpose. But just for your information, i would like to explain each program a little bit.

  • Recovery program is designed to help you get recovered from your shoulde,neck and back pain through an efficient full body shiatsu massage.
  • The purpose of extend program is to extend and stretch your body muscle through full recline position and also to improve blood circulation in your body.
  • Refresh program is aimed at your body and mind refreshment. It’s normal to get tired after long day work. So, massage at night helps you resume positive energy for next day work. And also you can rejuvenate
  • Relax program is created to keep your muscles stress free. It happens when you enjoy a deep tissue electric chair massage with heat.

No matter what program you pick, the ultimate result would be your mind and body relaxation. You will feel like there is no stress and tension in your life anymore. You resume your next day work with tension-free mind.

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Better Neck Massage

If I state that this massage chair brings the better neck massage for you, then you really want to know what special feature this chair has. Actually, when you feel pain in your neck like stretch or ache then your neck’s tsubo points needs special attention. Thanks to this well-designed massage chair, massage roller heads are designed to reach to your tailbone and stress relieving “tsubo points” and give them the much needed massage. After 10 minutes of neck and shoulder massage, your pain will magically disappear. Such feature is not often offered by other electric massage chairs. So, you can consider it a specialty of BestMassage 06C chair.In addition, you get ultra-range neck massage since rollers reach high up in the neck and low down into your tailbone area.

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Fatigue Relieving Air massage

This chair is featured with 20 air bags present in the lower body of the chair. The main purpose of these bags is to give the most relaxing massage to your legs , thighs and feet. No matter how much tired you feel, a five minute massage of these areas will melt away your fatigue level quickly. The reason is that an efficient massage promotes better blood circulation in lower extremities. Isn’t it great?

Full Body Massage

This chair is designed to offer relaxation to your full body. It has special features for almost every part of your body. You will find high power vibration motor and air pressure massage for buttocks. Double-layered air bags are designed  to offer an amazing massage to your thighs. You can get an efficient air bag massage for calves. If you feel pain in your arms ,air squeeze massage option helps you get rid of this pain quickly.

Effective Shiatsu Massage

Looking for the world’s popular shiatsu massage? Only this full body electric massage chair will help you get the best shiatsu results. The rollers of this chair will move up and down on fixed pressure points of your body. You will feel like fingers are revolving on your body and adding pressure on the pain areas. This massage reduces muscle pain, fatigue and stress. And it also brings improvements in posture, mobility and flexibility.

Reasonable Price

Just check electric massage chairs for sale. In a matter of seconds, you will notice that prices are very high. Many of them offer shiatsu massage but price will vary from one model to another. It is not possible for every person to pay more than one thousand dollars for a massage chair. Only a few can afford that much. In such scenario, Electric full body shiatsu massage chair 06C seems like a better option since it comes with reasonable price while it also offers the best shiatsu massage.Amazon best price homreviews


Let’s get a quick look at the advantages of this electric massage chair.

  • Built-in heat intelligent roller system is designed well to offer you an effective shiatsu massage and drop down your body stress level.
  • Best for people having constant neck and shoulder pain, since this product offers the best neck and shoulder massage.
  • Fully automatic chair. Raising and reclining positions are automatic.
  • Stretched foot rest that enhances leg mobility and flexibility
  • Adjustable air massage helps you change the intensity.
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Built-in hand massage feature.


Here are some shortcomings of this massage chair.

  • It doesn’t have advance features like cup holder, auxiliary powerful,etc which you can get in Human Touch iJoy 2580 massage chair and other electric massage chairs.
  • It is not durable. Parts breakdown easily.


You have read complete electric full body Shiatsu massage chair 06C review. Now one question that pops into your mind is that whether you need to buy it or not. If price is not an issue and you can’t afford much then this chair brings good features. Howeverwhen you can afford more, it is suggested to search for other products.  It offers the most relaxing shiatsu full body massage. If this and other above-mentioned features attract you and seem like a deal then  go and  Buy BestMassage 06C electric massage chair with Heat /foot rest at Amazon


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