New full body shiatsu massage chair recliner bed ec69

New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner BED EC-69 Review

People who need a relaxing daily massage for sore muscles must read new full body shiatsu massage chair Recliner BED EC-69 review. This reading will help them understand features and functions of this chair. It is among the best full body massage chairs in the market. People who can’t afford an expensive chair like to buy this chair as its price is quite affordable. Even some people like to present it as a gift to their loved ones. But before you thinking about its purchase, it is advisable to read :

New full body shiatsu massage chair recliner bed ec69

New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner BED EC-69 Review

It is a massage chair with very attractive look. The chair works great for sore muscles and workout knots. It means when you are tired after workout or routine work, you can simply experience a great relief through it.  It delivers optimal relaxation since rollers move all way long from shoulder to lower back and thus you get the much needed full body massage.

The Best Features

It is strongly advisable to explore features of this full body massage chair before you buy it. The more you explore, the better understanding you will get about its functions and benefits. Let’s dig down into the main features of this massage chair.

Massage Chair and Recliner Bed

It is not only a massage chair but also a recliner bed.  This design makes it possible for you to get as much comfort as possible through this chair. You feel like you are lying on your bed and enjoying the full body massage that starts from your shoulder and end at the lower back. Users like this chair due to its back and legs reclining functions.  When you don’t need it for massage then it will work as a very cozy recliner bed for you. What you need more?

New full body massage chair recliner bed pictures

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Ergonomically Designed Chair

The chair is featured with a good quality fabric which looks like leather but in reality it is a soft material. Ergonomic design of this chair is intended to boost up the user experience during massage. It converts into a recliner bed, so user can enjoy a delightful full body shiatsu massage.

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It comes with an intuitive remote control that allows its user to keep full control over the massage speed and intensity levels.  Remote control has easy to use buttons and user-interface. User can pick one massage therapy out of five and he can simply click on “auto” to enjoy soothing massage combinations.

Massage chair recliner bed remote control

Multiple Settings

This chair allows you to get fully personalized massage. In other words, you can decide whether you need a full body massage or a specific part massage. Even you can increase or decrease intensity and speed of your massage. So, user get full control over the setting. Choose a specific massage therapy you like or simply pick auto to enjoy combination of two or more techniques.

Mutltile settings and adjustment of massage chair recliner bed Bed full body massage chair in the world pictures specifications

Vibrating Effect

Chair comes with cool vibrating effect which magnifies full body massage intensity level. These vibrators soften fat layers of your body and improve blood circulation. Impurities eliminate from your body and you feel relaxed at the end of this massage.

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4 Effective Massage Therapies

This chair is based on worldwide famous shiatsu massage therapy . This massage comes with super healing power. No matter you have back , muscle or shoulder pain, you can get its remedy in the form of this massage. Here are four kinds of Shiatsu massage therapies one can enjoy with this chair.

  1. Rolling:  Your body has specific pressure points. This chair comes with rollers that move up and down and you feel like a person is pressing his fingers on specific points. This therapy helps you feel pleasure and instant pain relief.
  2. Kneading:  It is another therapy that is designed to decreases muscle pain and works out knots. If you want to keep your body and mind fresh after a heavy workout or routine work , then this therapy will do the real magic for you.
  3. Compression and Percussion: This technique of Shiatsu massage offers great massage to your back area. People who are suffering from back pain can get rid of such pain via this full body massage. In addition, this technique enhances posture and mobility of your legs
  4. Chop Action Tapping and Flapping: This therapy works amazingly for sore and stiffed body muscles. It also reduces stress level of your body. It stimulates nerves and relaxes your shoulder and back areas to a great extent.

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Here are some benefits that increase magnetic appeal of New Full body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner BED EC-69

  • It is best buy in massage chair. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive massage chair, you can buy this reasonably priced chair that offers you same Shiatsu massage which you get from expensive versions.
  • Price is affordable but at this price its features are too good to be true.
  • It is a well-made massage chair that looks very attractive.
  • Chair is available in three colors: black, brown and burgundy.
  • This full body massage chair allows you to enjoy five different kinds of massage.
  • Customized massage option is available. You can decide whether you need full body massage and massage of a specific area such as hip, thigh, leg or neck,etc.

Burgandy full body masage chair recliner bed best massage ec69

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Here are some disadvantages that you might experience with new full body Shiatsu massage chair recliner bed EC-69.

  • Though it is a great chair but some of it functions stop working after sometime.
  • It is a light weight chair. Fat people might not fit well in this narrow seat chair.
  • The chair comes with break risk and no warranty. So, a user must consider this shortcoming before buying this chair.

Side view of massage chair recliner bed full body massage chair price


After reading this body full massage chair review, you might better understand its features and specifications. This recliner bed EC-69 is suitable for those people who are looking for a well-designed chair at a price they can afford. Low price is not the only attraction. Another attraction is its five different Shiatsu therapies which are truly effective for muscle pain relief. But you shouldn’t overlook its disadvantages. Consider both advantages and disadvantages and then ask yourself whether you need it or not. If you make your mind for this chair, then you can  Buy This Full body Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 now.

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