Human touch ijoy 2580 massage chair

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Review – Premium Robotic Massage Chair

People, who need a perfect robotic massage chair with a cup holder, full recline and auxiliary power outlet, should consider Human Touch iJoy 2580 .Since it is the best option available in the market. The ultimate back and shoulder pain relief is a reason behind its increasing popularity among home owners. This compact chair less space of a room, this single feature makes it a good choice for people living in one-bedroom home and small apartment. Let’s find out more about this product via:

Human touch ijoy 2580 massage chair

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Review

A robotic massage chair is far better than a traditional massage chair due to its better design and comfort it brings for the user. Human Touch brand is well-known all over the world. This manufacturer blends state-of-art technologies with eye-catching state when it comes to designing a chair. Buying from this manufacturer gives you an advantage i.e. get help from best customer care. Actually, Human touch customer experience team is always ready to answer the questions people ask about the product.

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Best Features

Below you can find the complete details of best features you can get in Human Touch iJoy 2580 massage chair.

Human-Like-Touch Massage Experience

You buy a massage chair because you need a massage. This is the first thing you need and good thing is that this robotic massage chair offers you what you really need. It provides relief from constant back and shoulder pain. After a long day work, when you feel tired then the best option is to sit on this chair and leave everything on it.  It brings up to down full back massage  that will release your tension level to a great extent and resume body energy. What you like the most about this chair is that it offers the exact human-like massage experience. You will feel like a real human is pressing his fingers on your body. This would be indeed the great feeling.

Ijoy 2580 Human touch ijoy 2580 massage chair review

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Space Saving Chair

Every person doesn’t own a big home space. In such case, chair like iJoy 2580 gives homeowner a chance to bring comfort at home without sacrificing the much space. It is compact and sturdy. Place it wherever you have some space and it will become a part of your overall room setting; though it doesn’t add much to overall style. But space saving features makes it a good choice for people living in small areas.

Ijoy 2580 review

3 Invigorating Auto massage programs

There are three effective massage program options to choose from :

  1. Refresh Entire Back: This option is good for those who sit all day long on a chair and then feel sudden pain in the back. This massage relaxes your full back muscles. As soon as you stand up from this chair after a massage, you will feel little or no pain.
  2. Relieve Neck and Shoulder: This massage option works great for those who do desk duty or work all day long on computer. When your work is over then you feel severe neck and shoulder pain after a minute. The best way to get rid of this shoulder and neck muscles ache is to sit on this chair only for 10 to 20 minute. And you will see the real magic afterwards.
  3. Release Lower Back: This option is good for almost every person who has pain but only in lower back area. Instead of picking full body massage option, you can click on this single option of this Human touch ijoy massage chair; and keep pain away from this target area.

Human touch ijoy 2580

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Built in Control-Panel

Human touch ijoy board comes with efficient control. You can pick one massage option out of three and also perform other settings quite easily.

Human touch ijoy board 2580 control panel

Superb Recline

It is indeed the best feature of ijoy 2580 Human touch massage chair. You can personalize the angle and position of your chair. There is a button on a chair, push this button and go back as further as you like. The massage intensity will change with your position.

Power recline human touch ijoy 2580 features

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Cup holder

It allows you to enjoy your favorite drink while having a great massage experience.

Built in cup holder human touch ijoy 2580

Auxiliary Power Outlet

A built-in power outlet is there to help you charge your device.

Human touch ijoy built in auxiliary outlet for mobile charging ijoy 2580

Best Ratings and Reviews

It is good to see rating and reviews of Human touch ijoy 2580 before you  think of buying it. So, if you are concerned about the rating of this chair then there are some facts that increase its value in your eyes.

  • This human touch massage chair is rated as a Consumer Digest’s Best Buy in 2013 . This rating is based on  quality, price, and extra facilities such as cup holder and auxiliary power outlet.
  • Ijoy 2580 massage chair is a product of Human Touch. It is good to know that World Federation of Chiropractic only endorsed HT chairs as a valid supplements to back and physical therapies. It means if you use this chair , you really don’t need a chiropractic.
  • Human touch massage chairs won many Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) because this chair blends fashion and form quite well.

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Here is a quick list of advantages you can grab from iJoy 2580.

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Best for melting away workout knots
  • Bring great solution for severe neck pain
  • Offer full body massage in an efficient manner
  • Good for people having chronic shoulder and back pain
  • Offer deep soothing massage for muscles and back.
  • Comfortable
  • Its nice design blends well with your overall room setting and interior
  • Improve blood circulation and sleep
  • Easy to handle control panel
Human touch ijoy remote control user guide
iJoy 2580 remote control user guide


Before you think of buying human touch iJoy 2580 massage chair, you should know all about its shortcomings.

  • The chair needs to be higher than its existing size. It is designed for someone under 5’ 4’’.
  • The resting position of rollers seems like a flaw.

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You have read iJoy 2580 massage chair review. It is not easy to decide whether to go for such chair or not since there are many options available. But if you pick this chair, it simply means that you are buying a chair that is rated the best by consumers and experts. Do you still have some confusion? Read reviews given by its verified customers on Amazon or ebay. The more you read, the better understanding you will get. However, if you want to save time then you should know that this product is best in terms of design, features and comfort.  Go and  Buy This Robotic HT iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Nowmassage chair now.

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