Inada dreamwave massage chair shiastu technique red color

Inada DreamWave Review The Best Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you are looking for best Shiatsu Massage chair , you reach at a place where you will be able to read comprehensive Inada Dreamwave review .This massage chair is quite famous all over the world. The reason behind its increasing name and fame is that it combines Shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering power. This combination makes it possible for you to get natural healing and wellness. No matter you feel pain in your back or shoulder, you get a chance to have a relaxing massage that will soothe your muscles in no time.

Inada dreamwave best shiatsu massage chair review

Inada DreamWave Massage Chair  Review

The basic purpose of getting a massage is to heal the body areas which are under pressure. Full day or constant work usually makes you feel tired. It is quite normal situation that every person encounter in daily routine. Muscles aches and soreness increase your body pain. An efficient Shiatsu massage offers you an instant relief. Let’s dig down into design and features of this best massage chair in the world.

The Best Features

Inada DreamWave is listed among the world’s best massage chair. Here are some features which is the reason behind its listing among top massage chair.

Shiatsu Master Massage Movement

This chair is designed with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering ingenuity, so its user can experience the shiatsu massage as done by a Master Shiatsu therapist. It mimics the old yet effective Shiatsu massage movements in a way that a person feels that he is getting massage from a massage expert instead from a chair. These movements are perfect and well-balanced.  This chair has built-in technology of detecting the specific pressure points and then to give a soothing massage to those points. Therefore, the results of Shiatsu master massage movement come in the form of a fully-relaxed body.  The healing power of Shiatsu massage drops down the body stress level.

Inada dreamwave shiastu massage chair review

Comprehensive Massage

This chair covers more area than other available massage chairs in the market i.e. 1200 square inches. Therefore, it delivers the most relaxing full body massage. The massage starts after a complete body scan, so a customized massage is given to your own individual requirements.

The Best Design and Development

Inada Songo DreamWave is a well-designed chair developed after advanced research and development. It offers a beautiful blend of old-age Shiatsu massage technique with mind blowing Japanese engineering innovation. Each movement and choreography of this chair is based on actual movement of a master Shiatsu massage expert. It mimics techniques and movements of Shiatsu massage in a perfect way. This chair is able to know the body of its user before starting a mssage. This knowledge is possible through innovative  body scan technology. Once scan is done, massage mode is matched to the user’s needs and body. This way, a user always gets customized massage experience like he enjoys in a massage spa.

Color Variety

The chair is available in five color options such as cream, dark brown, black , Trublack Leather and red. People who give importance to visual appeal would definitely impress from its modern outlook and appeal.

Inada dreamwave massage chair shiatsu technique red color Cream shade in inada best massage chair in the world Inada dreamwave best shiatsu massage chair in the world review images price

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Instant Pain Relief

Whether you feel pain in back , shoulders or any other body muscles, this Shiatsu Massage chair will help you get instant relief. Actually, this chair mimics back mobilization movements used by expert therapists. Therefore, you feel like you are getting an expert massage treatment when you sit on this chair. It knows your body , detects your pressure points and thus soothes your sore and stiffed body muscles.

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Relaxing Full Body Massage

You are able to enjoy a great full body massage experience through Inada  DreamWave massage chair. Its stretch session brings gentle rotational stretch for your shoulder, back and hip muscles. This stretch is a must for your muscle’s wellness.  Sometimes you only need massage for your arms , so this facility is available with this chair. Chair utilizes 20 air cells to massage the forearms, upper arms and hands. You can enjoy a Iliotibial Band  massage for large muscles of hip and thigh. Gentle and firm pressure is put on these muscles for getting ultimate relaxation at the end of massage. In addition, you can get a chance to experience deep shoulder, back and neck massage with gentle neck traction.In simple words, you can customize your full body massage through this best Shiatsu massage chair.

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Soothing Calf and Foot Massage

If you are looking for a foot and calf massage normally given by an expert therapist then you need to stop booking. This massage chair mimics human massage therapist by stimulating pressure points. Chair equips with inflatable air cells and an accordian-style feature. No matter what the height of a person is, he can get a quality expert shiatsu massage through this feature.

Calf and foot massage chair shiatsu massage inada

Easy to Control Remote

Remote control is tethered to chair, so you can find it easily when you want to use it.There are 8 pre-programmed massage sessions, you can select any of these through control buttons. When you don’t want to use the remote, put it into a side smartphone pocket.Inada massage chair smartphone pocket remote control feature


  • Patented body scanning technology knows your body and its specific pressure points. This knowledge helps the chair to customize a massage based on user’s requirements.
  • Youth session brings an enjoyable massage experience for children.
  • Signature DreamWave technology brings an undulating figure-8 motion that removes the body stress and offers well-balanced Shiatsu massage.
  • Infrared lumbar and seat heating option makes the massage very relaxing for its users.
  • This Best Shiatsu dreamwave massage chair brings proven relief to sore and stiffed body muscles, so you can enjoy a stress-free life every day.
  • It enhances the health and well being while dropping down the body stressed level to a great extent.
  • Relaxation is the biggest benefit you can get from this massage chair. All your tensions go away and you get light body and mind due to this soothing massage. Optimal relaxation is possible due to the fact that this chair covers more area than any other chair in the market i.e. 1200 square inches.
  • The chair is designed in a way that you enjoy a great massage experience which in turn boosts up your productivity level, happiness and health.

Inada dreamwave best shiatsu massage chair review

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Here are some shortcomings of this massage chair.

  • Assembly is not easy and takes time. You need to read the manual and follow exact steps.
  • It is an expensive chair. If you can’t afford then you can go for financing option.


Although this dreamwave chair is expensive, yet it is indeed hard for you to find its perfect match in the market. The way it detects your body pressure points and delivers shiatsu massage like an expert is simply remarkable. Shiatsu massage is popular due to its effectiveness. You might not get an expert of Shiatsu massage in your country but what you can surely do is  tobuy Inada Dreamwave Shiatsu massage chair . Since it offers the same movements, techniques and features as you get from an expert therapist or chiropractic. What do you think about this Inada Dreamwave review? Feel free to share your opinion with us.

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