Kahuna full body massage chair review

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review Zero Gravity Recliner with Yoga

After reading positive Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 review and ratings at Amazon and other online marketplace, I decided to review this product myself.  I used this chair and dig into its main features. Now I am in a position to provide you an insight into advantages and disadvantages of this chair. The special features are Zero gravity, L-Track, Yoga stretching, Chiro Mode and body Scan. But it has some disadvantages as well. You really want to read the details, so have a look at:
Kahuna massage chair lm6800 review

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review

First thing I like about this chair is its price since it is more affordable as compared to other massage chair. At a reasonable price, you are able to get the best and new features which are also available in high priced massage chair recliner. Let’s explore some other details of this chair below.


Have a look at some amazing features of Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 model.

Full Body Massage Chair

This massage chair brings full body massage experience   from neck to back , from back to legs and from legs to foot. Every inch of your body will enjoy comfy massage. Kneading, tapping, shiatsu and Chiro are the best modes to try for.Kahuna full body massage chair review

Zero Gravity Massage

There are 3 Stages of Zero gravity, choose your desirable stage and enjoy an air-floating kind massage. Just sit on the chair , pick your level, the rest of magic is all upon this massage chair. Soft shiatsu massage motions are good for neck and shoulder areas, though you can change the intensity according to your desire. These motions work well for workout knots and reduce body stress and tension level.

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Zero gravity massage chair kahuna massage chair lm6800 best price

Body Scan

Whenever you buy a chair make sure that it comes with Body Scan option. This feature is a must. If a machine scans your body then it is capable of delivering you a massage experience according to your body size. Custom fit massage is possible with Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800.

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Air bag Massage

You will find airbags around every important area of your body. From back to thighs, you will have airbags. That’s mean you can experience the full body airbags massage through this chair. A comfy massage is a must at night when you are too tired to do any work ;but you need a good night sleep along with energy for next day work.Full body special shiatsu massage therapy

Special Yoga Stretching Programs

You should consider it an extra feature of Kahuna Massage chair LM6800. No other massage chair brings yoga stretches for legs and arms. But you can enjoy it only with this chair. It is simply the plus point that works good for your leg and arm muscles.Kahuna massage chair with yoga stretches therapy lm6800

Kahuna Massage Chair Warranty

Kahuna Company offers 3 years warranty. If your chair needs repair in very first year then you don’t have to pay anything. You will get 3 years parts, labor and structural framework warranty.

Recliner Massage Chair

If you like reclining position and massage , this chair would be offer you both at the same time. This position is indeed the most comfortable one. Getting a massage with this position makes you feel stress free. A soothing massage will melt away workout knots and help you feel relaxed.

SH Chiro Therapy

Chiro massage is latest technique. Turn on SH-Chiro mode and get a massage that unblocks spine nerve energy. This energy will flow better in your spine and other body parts. This therapy is a must for healthy lifestyle.Kahuna chiro therapy massage chair review

L-Track Design

It is a reasonably priced chair but it is equipped with modern massage technology and design. L-Track designs make it possible for you to get massage from your neck to thigh areas quite smoothly.Kahuna massage chair l track massage system review

Heated Massage Chair

When you need massage along with heat, it is also possible with this Kahuna LM6800. The chair is designed to bring the soothing massage experience along with good level of heat. During winter when you have high level of neck or back pain, heating massage therapy seems like a blessing.

Kahuna Massage Chair Structure

Overall structure of this massage chair is good but not the best.The base is a combination of plastic and steel. Though plastic look cheap but it is sturdy.  Steel is added to support the body weight. If this chair is taken care of well then it would last longer than your expectations. This design is good fit for people under 6’5’’.

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Relaxing Foot Massage

Dual foot rollers are added to offer you state-of-the-art foot massage experience. These rollers move around your foot and thus improve blood circulation. When you feel very tired, then go for a foot massage that will refresh your body and mind instantly.Dual foot roller foot massage review kahuna massage chair

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Best Price

It is a chair that offers the most relaxing massage at an affordable price. This recliner is integrated with new technology and features. Unlike other chairs that focus completely on Shiatsu massage, this chair brings Chiro massage mode as well. If you try other chairs and then sit on this Kahuna massage chair and you must admit that this chair offers the same massage experience like other high priced chairs.Buying this chair means getting the same massage experience at half price as compared to other massage chairs in the market.Amazon best price homreviews

Important Note: Foot Roller Issue is Gone

In previous version of LM6800, people were facing foot roller issue. They don’t like the instensity of foot rollers since it hurts a lot. Kahuna Massage Chair Company always cares about its customers and keep an eye on the reviews given by them. Once they come to know that there chair is causing problem to their customer feet, they add extra padding to foot rollers. So, you won’t experience foot roller intensity issue anymore in 2017.


Here are some benefits this Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 brought to you.

  • Energize body and spine
  • Relax feeling after airbag and Chiro massage
  • Pre-set programs
  • Real zero gravity chair with more than three levels to try for.
  • Comfortable chair can be put close to wall.
  • Strong air bags and foot roller
  • Good customer Service
  • Amazing massage experience
  • Good for chronic back and neck pain
  • FDA approved medical massager


Here are some shortcomings you might experience with Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

  • Intensity of machine is high, you need to add extra padding to handle this issue.
  • There is only 15 minute session. I wish I had longer session.
  • Rollers for upper back and neck are not really hard.
  • Arms slip out when you are in resting position, just because shoulder bags put them out.


Kahuna massage chair LM6800 review highlights both positive and negative aspects of this chair, so you can decide whether this chair is best suited for you or not. Price of this chair is reasonable and you get amazing features like L-Track therapy, Heating massage therapy, SH-Chiro Mode, Deep Shiatsu massage, real zero gravity experience and much more. Interested in this chair? Go and Buy Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga and heating therapy.

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