Luraco irobotics 7 massage chair review price detaiks

Luraco iRobotics 7 Review -Massage chair with 3D Robotic System

After hearing so many positive reviews and comments about Luraco iRobotics 7th generation as world No.1 medical massage chair, I decided to use this chair and then to write a comprehensive Luraco iRobotics 7 review. One thing that you need  to know at this point is that this is a super expensive chair. But it is a chair which is used in US Military bases and many top celebrities endorsed it. Even this massage chair has won many awards. I’m sure this quick highlight has excited you a bit or more. (who knows). So, lets’ check:

Luraco irobotics i7 massage chair price

Luraco iRobotics 7 Review

This massage chair is designed with state-of-the-art technology,the most effective massage therapies, and health enhancement features. A 10-minute massage of this chair will grab your body stress and tension away from you as far as possible.


You really need to know what makes Luraco iRobotics 7 very special for its users.

Powerful Operating System

I reviewed many massage chairs and none of them runs on operating system. So, it is an advantage of this robotic massage chair that it is running on an powerful operating system. It is the only chair with an OS.

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Touch-Screen Control

Other massage chairs usually have rubber buttons with which you take control of chair functions and programs. However, this massage chair brings touch-screen control and easy to use remote for you. This feature is much needed in this digital age when we are used to handle touch-screens.

Touchscreen control of irobotics i7 luraco massage chair

5-Users Settings

This chair has memory which can keep data of five users saved. Up to five users can keep their details in this chair and then enjoy personalized massage experienced based on their needs and requirements.

Health Monitor

Luraco iRobotics 7th generation can monitor health of its users. It measures blood pressure and heart rate. These measurements help this chair to deliver a massage that is good for your health.

Luraco irobotics 7 massage chair review

3D Robotic System

This system is indeed the best. When you sit on the chair, this system allows the chair to deliver the most efficient massage that let you quickly to get rid of shoulder, back and neck pain.

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Intelligent sensor

This robotic massage chair comes with intelligent sensors that measure size of legs and neck. And check body shape. This scan makes it easy for this massage chair to offer you a massage based on your body shape and size.

Noise reduction

It is important for you to get a soothing massage without any kind of noise. Manufacturer of chair knows what you really need. Therefore, they integrate noise reduction feature in this robotic massage chair. You don’t need to hear annoying sound during your deep tissue massage.

Zero Gravity Massage

Zero gravity is the best position for massage. It improves blood circulation, and best for physical and mental well-being. 7th generation of Luraco iRobotics chair is integrated with zero gravity. It offers you zero gravity recliner position, so you can enjoy the best massage experience ever.

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Efficient Air bag massage

This chair is featured with 100 air cells , no other chair has so many cells. It means that you are able to get full body air massage through this chair. Whether you want to keep stress away from your calves, feet, shoulder or back, it would be made possible through a relaxing air bag massage feature of this most advance massage chair in the market.

Luraco irobotics i7 massage chair air bag massage


It is important to check guarantee and warranty before you buy any product and especially the expensive one. Luraco i7 iRobotics comes with 5 years in home warranty. Luraco Company also offers commercial warranty. Isn’t it awesome?

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If you like to listen songs while having a massage then it is made possible through built-in stereo speaks and ultra clean MP3 players. Play the song you like and grab utmost fun in your life.


Unlike other chairs which usually made of cheap plastic or leather, this chair is made of real genuine leather. You can get a soft leather touch on your heads, arm, feet, hips and shoulder. No matter where you put this chair in your home, it would add a luxury style and appeal to your space.

Luraco irobotics 7 massage chair review price detaiks

Customized Massage options

Normally, massage chair has a few custom massage options. But when you sit on Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair, then you feel like you have sit on a royal chair. Because you get limitless customized massage options. You can pinpoint those special body areas where you need deep shiatsu massage.

Voice Detection

If you want to change your massage setting then you don’t need to push buttons on your touch-screen. Just use your voice since this robotic massage chair is featured with human voice response for settings.

Best Foot and Calf Massage

In order to stay relax and calm, you need foot and calve massage. Thanks to 3-layered foot and calf massager of this chair, you can keep all your worries away as far as you like. Even this chair has 2 position feet stretching that let you feel relaxed and energized after an amazing massage.

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Awards and Research

Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair  has won following 3 noteworthy awards:

Residential Systems  titled it as “Best of Show” (CEDIA Tech Show, 2016)

Innovation & Tech Today Magazine, 2016 named it as “Best Quality in Home Furnishings

Best of CES 2017 Award” in Health & Fitness, International Consumer Electronics Show (CES, 2017)

According to a recent study, iRobotics i7 Massage chair provides relief from pain and it brings many health benefits.

It is good to know that this chair is used in U.S Military based where soldiers use it to keep their body stress level low and get relaxation after a tough day work.

Luraco Massage chair Price

As I told you before, this chair is expensive. Its price is high as compared to other robotic and premium massage chair. But again this chair has an edge over other chairs based on its quality, features and functions.Amazon best price homreviews


Here are some advantages you can get from Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage chair

  • Neck, back, foot and shoulder Pain relief
  • Reduce stress level
  • 3D robotic system delivers superb massage techniques
  • Refresh body and mind through an efficient massage
  • Best Foot and calve massage with triple layered foot and calf massager
  • Zero gravity massage facility
  • Touch-screen control panel
  • 5 levels of Multi-sectional intensity controls
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics
  • FDA, UL, and CE listed
  • Best customer and after sale support
  • Human voice response Settings
  • 9 Automatic pre-set programs
  • Full body heat with intensity adjustment
  • Up to 5 user personalized massage settings memory


No doubt, iRobotics i7 massage chair is featured with many great features but it has a disadvantage.

This is an expensive massage chair.


This Luraco massage chair has amazing benefits and features which can’t  be overlooked easily. When your budget is not tight then you shouldn’t consider any other massage chair since it is  the World’s no. 1 medical massage chair. Many renowned people such as NBA Legend (Jerome Williams) and Olympics gold medalists endorse this massage chair. Even  USA soldiers are using it after their routine military work. This is enough to say about this chair. Go and Buy this Luraco i7 iRobotics massage chair at Amazon.

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