Osaki os 4000 best zero gravity massage chair review

Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair Review with Best Zero Gravity Feature

Do you need full body relaxing massage? It is quite possible through  this Best Zero Gravity massage chair. You surely like to read a well-designed Osaki OS 400 massage chair review. So, le’ts dive in.

No doubt, there are many other massage chairs in the market. But when it comes to best chairs then everyone add Osaki OS-4000 in the comparison list. You might want to know what the reason is. Why it is regarded as the best chair. So, it is time to unlock the main reason.

Osaki os 4000 best zero gravity massage chair review

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review

Before I start highlighting the main features of this chair, I want to tell you that I am not the only fan of this chair. It has been used by many other people all across the world. They are quite impress from its functionality. You can check its 5 star rating on online stores like ebay and Amazon (just to confirm my statement)

About Osaki OS 4000  Reviews :Full Body Massage Chair

This massage chair equipped with upgraded PU covering just to increase its durability and comfort.It brings six simple to use pre-set massage programs, easy to operate large LCD display, 5 level of speed/instensity,auto timer setting, 2-stage zero gravity positioning and air pressure massage.

8 Features that Make this zero-Gravity Chair Special

I would like to highlight those features which increase its value in the eye of a user.

1.Computer Body Scan System

You often notice that an expert physician do proper examination and then prescribe some medications. He might ask for some scanning tests to know more about your medical condition. So, same point is considered in the design and development of this massage chair. It doesn’t start massage until it scans your full body. The scan is done to know more about  those body areas which need more attention than others. This scanning system helps this chair to understand you better and then to give you the most effective body massage.

Computer body scan system massage chair 2017

2.True Ergonomic S-Track

Look at the design of this chair and pay attention to its S-Track. Actually, this  Osaki chair is designed in a way that it can offer massage to various spine shapes. Spine shape of one person might be deeper than other, so this chair adjust its S-track according to spine contour. This means you will get a personalized massage via Osaki OS-4000 massage chair.

Ergonomic s track massage chair osaki os 400 massage chair reviews

3.Airbag Massage

This best zero gravity massage chair is equipped with airbags. These airbags will help you get relief from pain. These airbags squeeze, roll, kneads or swing your body areas such as foot, calf, arm, shoulder, thigh, etc. This way you experience a soothing massage that you normally get in a massage spa.

Airbag massager chair 2017

4.2 Stage zero Gravity

Your body position plays an important part in a massage. This chair comes with 2 Stage zero gravity functionality, thus it aligns your back relative to your thigh at the most comfortable level. Thereby, you enjoy the most relaxing massage.

Osaki os 4000 massage chair review zero gravity position

5.Lower Back Heat massage

Massage of back is considered incomplete without heat. This best zero gravity full body massage chair has two heating pads for two sides of lower lumber area. The main reason is to make sure that you get not only the massage but also proper heat  on your lower back area. Just imagine how soothing this massage will be. Or you can stop imagining and grab Osaki OS 4000 massage chair. It’s up to you.

Lower back heat therapy massage chair

6.Easy to use Remote

It is quite simple to operate this massage chair. There is nothing complicated in it. All you have to do is to pick a specific massage type. You have full control over massage speed and intensity. Also, you can pick a specific location for deep massage. Its manual massage modes options are as follows: Shiatsu massage, rolling, kneading, tapping, Swedish and combination.

Easy to use remote control zero gravity chair

7.Wireless Controller

If you are in reclined position then it is indeed hard to control your massage or change some features via main remote. The designer of this osaki OS 4000 knows what you need. Therefore, he equipped chair with wireless controller. So, you can get control over the features of this zero gravity massage chair via compact wireless remote. Indeed, this features helps this massage chair stands out in the crowd.

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Wireless controller massage chair 2017

8.Auto Leg Scan

There are some people who concentrate more on back and shoulder massage and less on leg massage. Indeed, they are doing a mistake. However, when you have this chair then you enjoy its perk. The automatic leg scan system will make calf and foot massager adjustment according to your legs size. Therefore, it helps you get the very soothing leg massage as well.

Auto leg scan massage chair

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Here are some advantages Osaki OS 4000 Best zero gravity massage chair has.

  • It provides you relief from back and shoulder pain through a deep and effective massage. That’s mean it fulfill the basic requirements you need in this kind of chair.
  • The calf, foot , back and shoulder massage work quite well.
  • It is the most comfortable chair you ever get. Its zero G Recline feature makes it super comfy.
  • My favorite setting is Shiatsu though you would love to enjoy rolling massage.
  • The heat feature feels great especially during back massage.
  • It offers you perfect full body massage when you feel tired and your muscles are stretched after full day work.

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It is a good chair but not the perfect ones. It has some flaws , let’s find out what these are:

  • This massage chair doesn’t offer you very firm massage. If you are a person who likes to have solid massage then it might not fulfill your desire.
  • You need to assemble this chair. It always deliver unassembled. Two people are required to do its assembly. Even you can’t move it own your own as it is quite heavy. When you have it delivered at your doorstep, don’t forget to call your friend for help.
  • I don’t like the print of controller button as it is very small. It is hard to read sometimes. It must be of big size, so one can read easily.

Interested to buy?

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This best zero gravity massage chair indeed offers you relaxing massage. By reading this Osaki 4000 massage chair review, you got an idea about every little thing of this chair. You don’t need to visit a massage therapist often when you have a handy massager in the form of this chair at your home. It might not offer you the exact massage you get in a massage therapy center but what you will get is instant relief from shoulder and back pain.You can enjoy regular massage at night, so you can enjoy sound sleep. And you will get up very fresh early in the morning for your next day. You might want to buy this Osaki OS-4000 best full massage chair , so go ahead since you have read its complete review.

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