Real relax favor 03 review

Real Relax Favor 03 Review Full body Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Heat

Need relaxation after a long day work? Consider buying a massage chair. A quick look at Read Real Relax Favor 03 review will make it clear that this chair is designed to offer you utmost relaxation. Chair brings 4 preset massage programs, full body massage, zero gravity massage, armrest linkage system and a heater. These features make this chair a perfect package. Let’s have a look at detailed :

Real relax favor 03 review

Real Relax Favor 03 Review

Full body massage is always better than a massage of a specific area and such massage is recommended at the end of the day. So, you can have a massage and then ready to enjoy a good night sleep. Real relax massage chair is designed to offer you a full body massage. But it includes many other great features as well.

Best Features

Let’s find out those features which enhance magnetic appeal of this chair for its users.

Armrest Linkage System

Real Relax massage chair recliner comes with this exclusive technology. When you raise or lower your backrest then your armrest will keep pace with it. Your arms will not fell if you change the position of backrest. Airbags on armrest will offer you soothing massage all the way you move.Armrest linkage system real relax favor 03 review

Zero Gravity Massage

Expert therapist believes that zero gravity massage positions release body stress level quickly than other positions. Relax Real Favor 03 is designed with zero gravity position. Know the full benefits of zero gravity massage chair.Real relax massage chair reviews

Air bag massage

Unlike cheap massage chairs that focus only on back and neck area, this chair offers massage to other body areas as well such as arms , shoulder and legs. Actually, this real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is designed with 35 air bags. These bags press pressure on legs, arms, shoulder and back. This pressure reduces muscle aches and stressReal relax hip massager wais heater armrest best massage chair 2017

Relaxation Head to Toe

A full body massage experience is matchless. Thanks for favor 03 massage chair, it brings relaxation not only to a specific area but for the complete body. Airbags are for compression of arms and legs while backrest rollers stretch spine and drop downs the body tension level to a great extent.Favor03 back massage massage chair

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Classy Look

If you compare the look and finish of this real relax massage chair with others then you must say that this chair is a bit classy. Wherever you place it in your living room or bedroom , it will add a charm factor into your space. Shiny faux leather material is good.Relax relax faux leather massage chair favor 03 reviews

Shiatsu Foot Massage

Shiatsu massage technique is quite popular in relieving pain level. A special foot shiatsu massage puts pressure on your specific pressure points and thus, you get the much needed comfort. Sometimes, foot rollers feel a bit hard; in such case you can add extra pads and enjoy a soothing massage experience.Real relax feet and calve massager best control

Deep Leg Massage

There are 24 full wrap legs air bags which squeeze and stretch leg muscles and offer pain relieving massage.The  2 special pressure points of calves are pressed in a way that you get relaxation as a result.Amazon best price homreviews

Cozy Arm massage

There are 8 air bags that wrap around your arms and compress them gently. This way your arm tension releases quickly. This massage is quite effective after weight-lifting workout.Favor03 real relax arm massager

Deep Neck Massage

Your neck muscles need special attention. If you have muscle aches then it would be hard to do any work. The neck massager will put gentle pressure on 2 points that reduce your muscle ache and tension.

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Easy Assembly

It won’t take more than 30 minutes to assemble this chair. You don’t need to work hard on assembly. A detailed manual of favor 03 make this process super simple for you. In addition, this chair is easy to use.Real relax massage chair favor 03 back side full reclined position

Best Seat Massage

When you sit on the chair then seat massage brings vibration, heat and air-squeeze options along with great massage. You feel like you sit on a therapeutic massage chair.

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Vibrating Hip Massage

It is an advantage of real relax favor 03 that it offers a light but amazing hip massage. This gentle massage circulates blood in this area and you feel great. Hip vibrator helps you feel relax after long day work.Real relax massage chair review air bags system diagram


Here are main advantages of Real Relax massage chairs.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Neck and shoulder pain relief
  • Soothing full back massage
  • 4 preset auto massage programs
  • Pulsed massage chair for arm section
  • Best Full body Massage
  • Zero gravity massage option
  • 3 year warranty
  • Detailed manual
  • Easy to use chair
  • Built-in seat heater
  • Air bag massage

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Here are some shortcoming of this Real Relax Massage chair favor 03.

  • This chair has no body scan option
  • Few choices from kneading, pushing roller and airbag
  • Intense Gravity mode
  • Foot rollers a bit hard, add extra padding to get comfy massage


You have read Real Relax favor 03 review which makes you better understand advantage and disadvantage of this real relax massage chair recliner. This chair is perfect when you need full body shiatsu massage and also when you like intense zero gravity massage. Though massage customized options are limited yet style of this chair is pretty eye-catching. Go and buy Buy Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 03 with Armrest Linkage System and Heater at Amazon.

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