is it safe to sit on Massage chair while pregnant

Is it Safe to Sit On a massage chair while pregnant?

Fact is that a massage chair offers many benefits but at the same time this product has some associated risks.If you want to know whether it is safe to sit on massage chair while pregnant then it is time to unlock the best answer. First thing to keep in mind is that risk level varies in different stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women can grab benefits from a massage chair but they should never overlook its associated risks. In this article, I would like to highlight both pros and cons of massage chairs for pregnant women.

is it safe to sit on Massage chair while pregnant

Benefits of Massage Chair While Pregnant

Let’s take a look at bright side.  Here are some massage chair benefits women can enjoy during pregnancy.

No more muscle pain and spasm

One complain that comes out from the mouth of every pregnant lady is muscle spasm and pain. Actually, when baby grows then belly weight increases. This increase in weight intensifies pressure on body especially on back, shoulder and neck areas.Therefore physicians always suggest a pregnant lady to relax as much as she can. In this condition, a massage chair comes handy. It is safe for her to sit on a massage chair, and enjoy a shiatsu massage. This massage helps in the release of endorphins that works a natural pain killer.

Efficient Foot massage

These days, women are able to get their hands on a massage chair that offers great massage not only for back and shoulder but also for foot. When a pregnant woman gets a soothing foot massage, her blood circulation improves and toxins eliminates from the body. As a result, she feels utmost relaxation.

Get rid of mood Swing

A major problem that every woman faces during pregnancy is mood swing. Sometimes, she feels great, other times she gets depressed. It is quite normal due to hormonal changes. Some women become so anxious especially when they get pregnant the very first time. It is important for them to stay calm. A good shiatsu massage helps them stay relaxed. The relax feeling put them in good mood. Their anxiety level drops down when they get an energetic massage.

Good Night Sleep

It is important for a pregnant woman to have a good night sleep. But some women face insomnia. The best way to deal with this issue is to have a relaxing massage before a woman gets to sleep. This massage will drop down her stress level and make her feel energetic and refreshed.

No more Stress

Pregnant women get stressed easily.  A good massage via the best massage chair helps them reduce anxiety, stress and depression. All their negative energies will be wiped out when they sit on a massage chair.

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Risks Associated with Massage chair For Pregnant Women

There are four main things which make a massage chair not good for a pregnant woman. Let’s find out their details.

Pressure Points

A massage chair is a machine which is designed  to put pressure specific pressure points of your body. During back massage, rollers press your back pressure points. Sometimes this pressure is  so high that  it results in premature labor, contractions, water breaking and bleeding.

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Heating function

You are able to get massage chair with heat functions, these days. No doubt, this function increases value of this machine in your eyes. But problem is that this function is not good for a pregnant woman.  Built-in heat pads increases her body temperature which could spike up the heart rate of her unborn baby. So, it could be dangerous for pregnant woman to get a massage with heat.


Many women ask is it safe to sit on a vibrating massage chair. Well, it is safe as long as vibration level is slow. In order to stay on safe side, make sure that you get this massage for less than 15 minutes.  So, it is not safe to sit on vibrating back massage chair while pregnant for more than 20 minutes.

Electromagnetic Radiations

There is another concern related to massage chair and pregnancy i.e. “ radiations” A massage chair works on electricity and emits radiation. But intensity of radiation is not so high. It is not very dangerous, but risk is still there.

What to consider must?

Here are certain factors that you must consider while deciding whether to sit on a massage chair during pregnancy or not. Here are 3 important things.

If you are on the first trimester then it is good to stay away from a massage chair. In this pregnancy stage, risk of miscarriage is higher than other stages. So, you need to be better careful than to be sorry at the end.

Don’t sit on chair if you don’t fit well on it. Sometimes, women sit on a small sized chair. They increase health risks while doing this as it causes unnecessary body pressure.

Keep an eye on your medical history and complications. If you has a history of pre-term labor, problematic pregnancy, headaches, preeclampsia, etc then  you shouldn’t sit on a massage chair.

What to Do? Precautions

Now you know massage chair pros and cons for pregnant women. Right? It is time to decide what you really need to do. You can simply skip a massage chair. No need to sit on it. But fact is that it offers ultimate joy and relaxation to your mind and body. In case you decide to sit on massage chair while pregnant, then here are some precautions for you.

  • Consult with your doctor, he will tell you whether it is safe for you or not.
  • Buy the best massage chair that brings the best features and functions. Beautyhealth massage chair seems like a great idea though.
  • Try to avoid massage chair with heating pads.
  • Make sure that vibration intensity is at its lowest point when you sit on a massage chair.
  • Do additional research, especially when you have some health problems.
  • Use massage chair occasionally, not regularly.
  • Before you buy a massage chair, read label and manual. A  massage chair comes with  a manual that states clearly whether this product and its certain features are  good for pregnant women or not. So, you need to be really careful.


I hope you have got a clear idea whether is it safe to sit on a massage chair while pregnant or not. It is safe but when you use  a massage chair without heat /high intensity vibrations, and when you don’t have medical problems. But if you still have doubt then I suggest you stay away from a massage chair. You won’t be able to get relaxed during massage when you have so many doubts in your mind about this chair.  What do you think?

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