How shiatsu massage is performed

What is Shiatsu Massage? Know its Benefits and Techniques

I first heard about Shiatsu massage one year ago when I was going to buy a massage chair for my grandparents. At that time, I had no idea about this technique. I asked from Salesperson what is Shiatsu massage? He gave a very confusing answer. So, I decided to research about this massage and then to create a piece of information for my blog readers. I did my research but I was quite busy with home stuff. Now I got a chance to write a comprehensive article about Shiatsu Massage. Hope it would help my readers to better understand this massage.

What is shiatsu massage therapy

What is Shiatsu massage?

As we all know our body has specific pressure points. In this massage, a Shiatsu practitioner applies pressure with his thumbs, knees, hands, elbows on specific points of our body. The main purpose of putting pressure is to provide ultimate relieve to mind and body.  He also rotates and stretches joints and limbs so you can feel utmost relaxation.

According to Shiatsu Society, shiatsu massage therapy boost up body’s natural ability to heal itself. It works not only on physical body of a person but also on his emotional and psychological well-being.

What is meaning of Shiatsu?

The term Shiatsu clearly tells that it is originated from Japan. Shiatsu is translated as “finger massage”.  So, it means that fingers are used to perform this massage. However, it is not just the fingers which play the vital role . Let’s find out more about it.

Origin and history

Shiatsu Massage is originated in Japan. It was an essential part of Chinese medicine. This massage was introduced in Japan by a Buddhist monk in 6th century.  This massage has evolved and developed over time so it can fulfill requirements and needs of a person. It is used for healing purpose.

In early 20th Century, a practitioner named Tamai Tempaku made a combination of   old Chinese treatment methods with western sciences of physiology and anatomy. The result of this combination comes in the form of Shiatsu massage. In 1964, Japanese government recognized this massage as Shiatsu Therapy.

Benefits of Shiatsu massage

Now you have got complete idea about Shiatsu massage, the next thing to do is to explore its benefits.


The goal of this massage is to provide relaxation to body and mind. A person feels light after this therapy.  A research is conducted by Shiatsu society, according to which 95 percent of total participant report relaxation. They also report that they enjoy better sleep at night after this therapy.

Relaxation benefits of shiatsu massage therapy

Get rid of Muscle ache

When a person works for long hours, he feels pain in his muscles of shoulder, back, neck,etc.  The best way to get relief from muscle ache is to get this massage. Skin muscles are rubbed, pulled and stretched while pressure is applied on specific pressure points of body with the mean of hands, palm, fingers and toes. According to a study of European Shiatsu Federation, 85 percent of total participants reported that they felt better after this massage. Their muscles got relaxed. This massage is effective to get relief from tension,  back pain, and joint pain. Even when you have posture problems, you can correct them via this shiatsu massage therapy.

Muscle ache relief shiatsu treatment

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Constipation Cure

If you are facing constipation problem then it is time to get its solution. It comes in the form this Japanese massage therapy. In this therapy, pulling and stretching technique is used to loosen the abdominal muscles and also to relax colon and intestines. The end results is ultimate relieve from constipation. Improve your digestion through this therapy.

Constipation solution shiatsu massage treatment

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Prevent Arthritis

People who work all day long often encounter inflammation of tissue. So, it is suggested to them to get shiatsu treatment. Pressure is applied on stressed body parts, so muscles get relaxed. This is how you can reduce the tissue inflammation and soreness.

Arthritis prevention through shiatsu massage therapy

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Good for Pregnant Women

Doctor always advise pregnant women to walk more , so they feel less pain during labor. It is good to know that Shiatsu is an ancient technique that is used to provide relief from menstrual cramps and depression. Therefore, pregnant women should consider this massage. This massage also makes labor easier for women and helps babies to turn their sides inside the womb.  Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy, the best way to deal this problem is to go for a shiatsu massage therapy. This therapy will help a pregnant woman feels relaxed and stress-free.

Shiatsu massage is good for pregnant women

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Shiatsu Massage Techniques

You need to understand Shiatsu massage technique, so you know how it works for you. As this massage is originated from Japan where concept of Yin and Yang is quite common, so basically this massage is  done to make a balance of Yin and Yang (positive and negative body energies).  The goal of this massage is to balance both energies within the body. A person faces health problems when flow of energy is imbalanced or simply blocked. With the mean of Shiatsu, flow of energy gets balanced and energy blockage is removed. Therefore, a person who gets this massage notices improvements in his mind and body.

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A Shiatsu practitioner tries to make a balance between yin and yang. He determines those parts of body where energy is presnet in excess or  simply deficient. He uses finger pressure and even uses toes, legs to put pressure on certain pressure points.  Thereby, he addresses this imbalance with care and result comes in the form of body and muscle relaxation.

How shiatsu massage is performed

Shiatsu massage techniques  not only include finger pressure but also rubbing, kneading, stretching and tapping. Thigh and leg muscles are stretched to some extent and then a little rubbing can do a great magic for the person.  This massage can be performed on all body parts or on specific pain points such as shoulder, neck, pain or foot. Shiatsu treatment is quite effective. A person is able to get rid of his muscles aches and sore easily via it.

Shiatsu massage treatment benefits pressure points

Shiatsu Self Massage

Sometimes, you need quick massage for getting pain relief. Good thing is that you can perform Shiatsu massage own your own. All you have to do is to follow some specific steps and apply pressure on your body parts. Whether you are feeling eye pain, back pain or any other body pain, you have a chance to get relief through self shiatsu therapy. Have a look at image , follow steps and instructions. You would be able to enjoy instant relief from pain. Must try it.

Shiatsu self massage

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Think about Shiatsu Massage Chair

Hope you get an idea about Shiatsu massage therapy. If you don’t find a shiatsu practitioner around you or simply want to cut massage cost then you can consider buying Shiatsu massage chair. Fact is that there are many Shiatsu massage chairs in the market. But what you need is the best one. So, read review of Inada Dreamwave that delivers you a Shiatsu massage like an expert. In this era, a well-designed technology advanced massage chair imitates perfect shiatsu massage techniques. So, when you get a massage from this chair then you get the same enjoyable experience that you have in a massage parlor.

Inada dreamwave massage chair shiastu technique red color

Benefits of Shiatsu massage Chair

Here are some benefits you can grab from this massage chair.


Use it whenever you like. No need to book an appointment. If you need a massage, get it.


If you get a massage from massage parlor, you need to pay high fees to shiatsu practitioner. However, it is not the case when you buy a chair and use it. Onetime payment will help you get pain relief for lifetime.

Home Massage Therapy

People don’t like to visit salon often, they often rely on home remedies. One can save his time and money when he gets a home massage therapy from a massage chair.  What do you think?


Finally, you have got all important  information about shiatsu massage and its related aspects. Whether you get massage from a chair or an expert, you get relaxation. This massage technique is designed to heal your body and mind. Such healing is a must to stay productive in our daily life routine.Still have some questions? Feel free to ask.

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