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Top 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers Reviews 2018

Are you looking for top 10 best neck and Shoulder Massagers 2018? If yes, then it is time to find out details of those massagers that relieve neck and shoulder pain.These days, it is not easy to get relaxation. We all have a lot of tasks to handle every day. One thing that becomes a part of almost everyone is social media. We keep our eyes on latest updates via phone or PC. All such activities put pressure our shoulder and neck muscles and we feel stressed. So, you might need the solution which is available in the form of best neck and shoulder massagers.


Top 10 Best Neck Shoulder and Back Massagers Review

Want to get rid of neck and shoulder pain? It is quite simple, all you have to do is to pick any of below mentioned massagers. No matter what massager you pick, it comes with the feature of quick pain relief . You can soothe your sore muscles of neck and shoulder with a massager. If you need massage with heat then some of these massagers come with heat feature as well. Let’s start exploring details of the  best massagers you can get to keep yourself away from neck and shoulder pain.

1.Brookstone Neck & Shoulder Sport Massager with Heat

It is indeed the best neck and shoulder massager with heat. When you need a great massage after a tough day at home or office then it is the best massage product you can use anytime.It features with 10 levels of rhythmic percussion massage so your ache muscles get relaxed in a few minutes. Rolling massage nodes moves on full-length of your back and stimulates muscles.

Amazon best price homreviews

You can get vibration seat massage that alleviates your muscle pain in no time.Its twisted dial make its width super adjustable for every back size. You are able to use it hand-free, just close its front handle snap. Even you are free to raise or lower it just to get  a soothing massage for hard to reach back-shoulder or neck muscles.You have three massage programs options to choose from: Pulse, Energize and Soothe. You can set the heat level based on your requirements. click here tobuy Brookstone Neck & Shoulder Sport Massager with Heat


  • Promote Muscle Recovery
  • Ease Muscle Pain
  • Massage rollers offer relaxing full back massage
  • Easy to use massager.
  • Quickly remove stress after regular workout.
  • Great neck rub


  • It doesn’t offer a strong massage.
  • If you need a massage with high pressure and intensity, this product is not your right choice.

Brookstone neck & shoulder sport massager with heat

2.Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Pillow

If you need a massage product that could be the perfect replacement for of a therapist then you should consider Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Pillow. This massage pillow will give you a massage just like a therapist . You feel that therapist hands are moving on your body and soothing your muscle.It features with fourteen rotating massage nodes that deliver the relaxing massage experience with heat. These nodes penetrate deep onto your muscles and release your stress and tension level by losing tight muscles. You get relieve from pain , knots and aches.This portable massage cushion allows you to enjoy a massage wherever you are.

Amazon best price homreviews

People like to keep it in their car and office, so they are able to get relaxation after a tough day.You can get the massage whether you sit on a seat or lying on a couch or bed. You get the full control over the massage intensity. If back pain is high then you can increase intensity, so nodes press hard on entire back from shoulders to waist.You have control over heat that’s mean you can turn it on/off (whatever you like). You can choose either clockwise or anticlockwise penetration of nodes. So, you are able to customize your massage experience just like you pick your desirable massage in a salon. Check latest Price of Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Pillow.


  • Great little product that ease your shoulder pain quickly.
  • User feel  awesome after getting full back massage.
  • Pillow comes with adjustable heat and intensity.
  • Use this pillow in car when you need a quick massage.
  • Small pillow that helps you get rid of workout knots.
  • Its heat feature is simply the best.


  • Too powerful, it may cause headache.
  • There is no setting adjustment option.

Gideon shiatsu deep kneading pillowGideon shiatsu deep kneading pillow 3Gideon shiatsu deep kneading pillow foot massager

3.LiBa Shiatsu Massager

What you like the most about this massager is that it provides massage to entire body. You can use it not only on neck and shoulder but also for lower/upper back, thigh , calf and abdomen massage. Liba Shiatsu massager with heat is redesigned ergonomically , so it makes it possible for you to get massage at any part of your body not only on back.You get a very soothing neck and shoulder massage with heat. It relieves your pain, aches and knots. Amazon best price homreviews

Another great feature of this massager is its automatic one minute timer.This feature changes direction after one minute, so you get massage pressure on all your sore muscles. Its nodes smoothly travel on your sore areas and provide relief from pain.It comes with custom heat on/off option. This portable shoulder massager can be carry anywhere you like. Its free car-adapter allows you to enjoy a massage while sitting on a car seat.


  • A very powerful massager that offers relief from neck and back pain.
  • It works effectively on neck and get the knots and tension out of neck area within 10 minutes massage.
  • Shiatsu roller move up and down on the back and offer the much needed relaxing massage.
  • Good massager for tight and sore muscles. Try at night and see amazing result in the morning.
  • A product that can be used wherever you like such as upper back, lower back, middle back, feet, calves, thighs, glutes, neck,etc
  • Heat function make the whole massage experience amazing.


  • Massager comes without wall plugin. You only get car cord.
  • It is not comfortable, too hard.
  • Short warranty.

Liba shiatsu massager price features review Liba shiatsu massager for car

4. PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

It secures fourth position in the list of top 10 best neck and shoulder massagers in 2017.

There are many people who like to see updates about their massage therapy. For such people, this electronic massager is indeed the best option. You can keep an eye on LCD display which shows information during your therapy session such as treatment time, treatment areas, your pulse speed, etc.You can also do three different massage settings :massage, beat and knead help. It offers the best treatment to sore and stiffed body muscles.This is an FDA approved massager which you can use without worrying about anything.

You may like to grab this Electronic Full body Massager.

This is a full body massager with 6 high frequency stimulation modes. It provides massage to muscles of different body areas such as joint, shoulder, waist, back, neck, foot soles, leg, etc. You might like to grab this Electronic massager.

Purepulse electronic pulse massager 2


  • Adjustable massage intensity.
  • A very powerful back and shoulder massager.
  • Light weight and easy to use.
  • Best solution for chronic shoulder and back pain.
  • People who busy this product, prefers it over a chiropractor.
  • Great back and shoulder pain relief.


  • Pulse is not so strong especially when both pads sets are active.
  • Adhesive pad is not really strong and usually fell off while you are using it.
  • You might need to try more than one time to keep pad on your skin, and this usually cause irritation.
  • Product is not returnable.

5.Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager

It is the best seller massager of not only Amazon but also of many other sellers. The reason behind its high demand is that it relieves sore muscles efficiently.  This massage cushion is featured with 3-dimension Deep Kneading Shiatsu massage nodes that put pressure on pain areas and relax them. You can get massage with or without heat, it is totally up to you.

Another features which makes this Shiastsu neck and back massage pillow  more valuable for the user is its ergonomic designs. It fits easily to neck and body of any person.

This great design with convenient handle straps makes it fit around any size of back.As heat is involved in the massage, so some people become concern about the safety. However, you never need to worry when you use Shiatsu pillow massagerbecause it is equipped with Overheat Protection Device. This device automatically shuts off heat after 20 minutes just to make sure you get safe and healthy massage always.


  • Relieves muscle pain and tension.
  • Good solution for workout knots
  • Work quietly, no annoying sound
  • Neck and shoulder massager change direction regularly.
  • Light weight
  • Very compact
  • Best heat feature
  • Easy to handle control
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Worry free, 90 day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • FDA Listed


  • Massage pad doesn’t last longer than a year.
  • There is only one speed setting

Zyllion shiatsu pillow massager with heat best seller amazon Zyllion shiatsu pillow massager for car

6.Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

This is an amazon choice neck and back massager. As you know Amazon prefers the best product. This product is used by many users and they are quite satisfied with it.This massager offers deep shiatsu neck & back massage through 8 deep-kneading features. It relaxes tense muscle and focus on the specific target pain areas. You can get full control over heat, speed and direction of this nekteck massager. If you want to reduce your stress level then you can turn on heat option and get the desirable results.

You can keep it with you in your car and office. Its free car adapter makes it possible for you to get massage even while you are sitting on a car seat.People like this Nekteck massager because it completely mimics in-person massage through its versatile design.


  • Melt away body stress and tension with an efficient neck and shoulder massage.
  • Speed control function
  • Improve blood circulation with soothing massage with heat.
  • User can change direction of massage clockwise or anti-clock wise (whatever he likes)
  • Portable neck and shoulder massager
  • Automatic timer
  • Product is designed to relieve neck pain based on acupuncture technique.
  • Built-in over heating prevention feature
  • Easy to use


  • Rolling balls are not soft. Which means you won’t expect a very comfy massage experience.
  • Work good but not the best option.

Necktek back massager 2


7.HoMedics NMSQ-215 Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

It is an easy to use massager that perfectly fit on your shoulder and neck. You get vibration massage on ache muscles. Your muscle get relaxed as you get massage with soothing heat. This massage cushion also offers you control over speed and heat functions.ThisHoMedics shoulder massager is easy to operate.

You can use either battery or power adapter. As it operates on batteries, so you can take it to also those places where you can’t use direct power. HoMedics design this device in a way that it is best fit to almost every person. It offers instant relief from muscles ache and soreness.This is one of the best Homedics neck and shoulder massager with heat.


  • Provide relief even when a person suffers from severe shoulder pain.
  • It works when other physical therapies fail.
  • Portable neck and shoulder massager
  • Easy to use
  • perfect for night neck and back massage after a long day work
  • Good fit for shoulder.
  • Relax tight muscles.
  • Great tension reliever


  • This is a hard pillow
  • Heat function works only with cord not with batteries.
  • Collar apparatus needs more padding


Homedics nmsq 215 neck and shoulder massager with heat 2 Homedics nmsq 215 neck and shoulder massager with heat

8.New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat 

Another best neck and back massager which is the best choice of Amazon is this one. It comes with 8 kneading rollers that roll over shoulder and back muscles and provide optimal shoulder/ back pain relief. Just like other massage pillows, this device also comes heat on/off button, so when you don’t need heat then you can turn this function off by simply clicking on heat button. One button is used to change rotation direction of kneading rollers.This is the best Shiatsu massager for back, waist, arms, feet, shoulder, neck and legs.

In order to ensure your safety, it features with automatic 15 minutes shut down. You can keep it in your office, home and car since it is portable.You can use thisNew Five  Star Shiatsu pillow massager for your feet relaxation. After a tough day, your feet also need some massage. So, you should give them this much-needed massage just to keep yourself stress free.


  • Provide relief from back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Best for people who have serious neck and shoulder issues as this product really does miracle cure.
  • Offer deep soothing massage from neck to shoulder and then back to legs. You can reverse direction and also can control heat featuire.
  • This massage machine does better massage job than a therapist.
  • When you use it , you feel like you are getting massage from magical fingers.


  • There is only one speed and one temperature option.
  • Massage is heavy.
  • Not really comfortable.New five star massager review body and neck massager

9.Naipo Cordless Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager

There are many people who like to keep massager with them while they are traveling. For such people, this cordless Shiatsu  neck and shoulder massager is indeed a great choice. Once it is fully charged, you can use its massage for 2 hours. Its Velcro function designs make it possible for you to enjoy a hand-free massage. When its 4-deep kneading rollers are moving on your skin, you feel as a person is giving you a deep Shiatsu massage. There are 3 massage intensity level, so you can pick one you need. 3D Kneading roller rotates on sore and tight muscles and provide  relief.You can use this massage cushion not only for your back and shoulder but also for your foot. It would help you remain stress free at night after full day work.

Naipo Cordless Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager delivers warmth alongside massage which improves blood circulation and keeps your body healthy and relaxing. In order to offer you comfy massage experience, device temperature is set around 45 degree Celsius. It is one of the top 10 best neck and shoulder massagers in 2017.


  • Release muscle stress and knots.
  • Best for those who deal with daily stress and need a simple solution at home.
  • People who can’t afford chiropractor can buy this product as it relieves pain from super amount of tension.
  • Awesome massager for back and shoulder.
  • No horrible hammering and annoying vibration.
  • Rechargeable battery can be used for more than 2 and half hours of massage.
  • Overheat protection feature available.


  • Massager can not be used by driver while driving. Though a passenger can use it.
  • When charging is low, you might experience a relaxing massage but without intense pressure.


Naipo cordless neck and shoulder shiatsu massager

Naipo cordless neck and shoulder shiatsu massager foot massager 2

10.Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager By Bruntmor 

People who want to get rid of lumber and back pain, should consider this massager. This full body massage cushion is designed with 3D kneading roller rotation, so your ache muscles get the much-needed relief.

It is a portable body massager which you can carry with you wherever you like. You can get ultimate comfort with the heating feature. You have full control over heat function; on and off options are available. It is designed with 8 deep-kneading rollers which mimics in-person Shiatsu massage and soothe sore and tight body muscles.

It is fully rechargeable massage machine. That’s mean you don’t have to worry about wires and cords. Would you like to grab Cordless rechargeable neck and back Shiastsu Massager by Bruntmor?


  • Offer most efficient muscle pain relief
  • Drop down stress  and tensionevel
  • Improveblood circulation
  • Bring relief to arthritis
  • Provide relief for back pain, stiffed muscles, shoulder pain and backaches.
  • Best treatment for fatigue and body weakness , since its massage restore body energy.
  • Good quality product with lost of pressure.
  • Deep and soothing massage.


  • Too tough for some people.
  • It works on batteries and when batteries are weak then you don’t enjoy a relaxing massage.

Cordless rechargeable neck and shoulder massagers 2017 Cordless rechargeable neck & back shiatsu massager by bruntmor back massager 2

Body Massager Vs. Massage Therapist

top 10 best neck and shoulder massagers 2017

You might be wondering why people Prefer body Massager or machines over Massage therapist.Gone are the days when you need to visit a massage center for getting relief. These days, people prefer massager cushions over massage therapist. Here are some reasons why they take this decision.

An Economical Option

It is the main factor which pushes every person to buy a massager. The fee of a massage therapist is indeed higher than a massager. This fee is only for one time visit. It means the more you need a therapy, the more you will have to pay. If you compare a massager price with the regular fees of a therapist or massage center then it is simply nothing. You pay onetime and enjoy benefit of massage for long time.

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Bring Ultimate Convenience

Getting a massage once or twice a week is not so easy, booking a massage center, and taking an appointment seems like a hassle to me. So, what is convenient is to grab a massage sit on your couch and enjoy a relaxing massage through an efficient massager. Isn’t it?It is not possible for you to run to a massage therapist every time you feel pain. You should have a massager machine which helps you get rid of pain whenever you need the treatment most

Massage anytime you want

The problem with booking an appointment with massage center is that, you have to wait always. Since there is a complete process you need to follow. You can’t get a massage when you really need. However, it is not the case with your home handy massagers. Whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed, you can keep all things aside and focus on your shoulders.

Offer Optimal Privacy

There are some people who don’t feel comfortable when someone touches their body. They like privacy and in such cases, neck and shoulder massagers seem like a great idea.  A massage machine is easy to operate. It helps you get massage without a person, this make its special for people who give importance to privacy. Even there are some cultures where it is considered against morality to get massage from a therapist. If you belong to such culture or simply care about your privacy, then neck shoulder massagers are the best options for you.

10 Benefits of Using Neck and Shoulder Massagers

Many people ask what  benefits of neck and shoulder massagers are. Why to use them? What best they can do for us. If you have the same question then it is time to unlock 10 benefits.

Benefits of shoulder and neck massager

1.Instant Neck and Shoulder pain Relief

Neck and shoulder pain is simply unavoidable. It is like those evils which you can’t nip in the bud at all. We have to handle our daily work tasks, sometimes these tasks are more than our energy and capacity. In such cases, we often feel pain in muscles. Shoulder and neck’s muscle stretch can be put to an ease via massager. You can get instant relief from pain when you use shoulder massage cushions.

Neck and shoulder pain is very common among all people. So, this common problem has common solution in the form of a massager. It’s up to you what massager you pick from top 10 best neck and shoulder massagers 2017. But what ever you grab, it will offer you the ultimate comfort you always like to have.

2.Reduce Stress

When  workload increase you feel stress and this stress is not healthy. So, the best way to reduce every day work’s pressure is to get a massage. Good thing about a neck massager machine is that it relaxes you whenever you need. You don’t really know when your muscle pain will begin. So, whenever you have some stress, you have its great treatment handy. Isn’t it?

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3.Increases Your Productivity

If you want to increase your everyday productivity then you should have a stress-free body. People lose concentration on work when they are under pressure of workload. They lose focus as well and this is when the problem begins. Sometimes, this situation turns so bad that work is not completed in a desirable manner. Or simply you left the work in the middle.

Your muscles should be relaxed , so you can complete your work in the best possible manner. So, how to get relaxation? Answer is, when you feel pain , pick your massage cushion and wear it. After a few minutes of massage, you will have relaxed muscles. You would be able to think again in a rational way and your focus will be optimal. This is what you need to increase your everyday work productivity.

4.No Need of Pills

There are many people who don’t like take shoulder and neck pain medications. They need instant relief without medicine and it is possible through the best neck shoulder massage cushions and machines. These products are designed to soothe tensed muscles in  an efficient manner. Pregnant women often feel muscles pain and it is not healthy for them to use a lot of pain medications. For them, this kind of neck-shoulder massager come in the form of most wanted solution.

5.Offer massage at difficult to reach places

If you feel pain on shoulders and neck then you find it hard to do massage of these places own your own. In such cases wearing a neck-shoulder massage cushion and using a machine is the best solution you can try. You can reach to difficult places and relaxes your neck/shoulder muscles in no time.


Fact is that neck and shoulder pain is recurring in nature. The more workload you have, the more chances you will feel this pain. It means that if you consider a help from a massage therapist, you need to make payment again and again. It’s not one time payment that let you get relief. You will get solution for only one time.

If you feel pain again , then you need to pay again for the treatment of your neck and shoulder pain.  In such scenario, just buy the best neck and shoulder massagers and whole situation will change. When you feel pain, you can get treatment and there is no need to pay again and again.  Therefore, if you need a cost-effective solution for your shoulder or neck pain then it is only available in the form of massage cushions and massager machines.

7.No dependency

You don’t need to be dependent on any other person when you feel pain. There is no need to book an appointment with the massage therapist or ask for someone’s help. Just wear your massage cushion and sit tight on a  chair or sofa. After a few minutes, you will see a great difference because pain will be gone like it was never there before.

8.Time Saving

You don’t have time always to visit nearest massage centers. You might feel pain when you are busy in your business meeting. There could be another situation as well. In time sensitive situation, a neck and shoulder massager help you get rid of your pain. Without wasting your time in driving to a center, you can use this time efficiently for getting a treatment. Time is  a precious asset of many people and such people don’t mind investing on worthy things like the best neck shoulder massager.

9.Best Solution for Overnight pain

It is possible that you feel pain overnight when no center is open. So, you definitely don’t want to feel this pain all the night.  In such cases, it is strongly suggested to keep a massage cushion or machine in your bedroom.

10.Soothing Massage

These days, you can use neck and shoulder massager with heat. This constant heat with massage will relax your tight muscles. You feel great after a few minutes of warm pillow massage. This kind of massage is not available even at massage centers. Features of each massager is different but the purpose of everyone is the same “it relieves neck and shoulder pain”


Finally, you got complete details about top 10 best neck and shoulder massagers in 2017. And you also know what benefits you can get from a massager and why it is better than to book an appointment of massage therapist. Now it’s your turn. You have got all information you needed. The next step is to take decision. You need to either pick or  buy any of these neck back or shoulder massagers. But if you pick then you definitely get something which would prove worthy in long run. However, it’s your final decision to make. If you need a massager then you can buy from Amazon. This marketplace would help you not only get a product at affordable price but you get a chance to read verified customers reviews. So, don’t buy a product unless you read reviews.

Important Note: Top 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers in 2018 reviews list is created after considering the customer reviews and rating.


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