Osaki os 7000 zero gravity massage chair

What is Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Are you wondering what is zero gravity massage chair? If yes, then it is time to grab some details about this specific chair available in the market. Manufacturers are promoting their massage chairs with a feature of zero gravity. One must know what this feature is and how it is beneficial for a person. So, let’s find out more.Osaki os 7000 zero gravity massage chair


When you hear about a zero gravity chair, you think it is a chair that could defy earth gravity. Once a person sit on this chair, he feels like he is flying in the air. There is no such case. Zero gravity term doesn’t mean that you get a massage while flying in the air. This chair doesn’t float or hover. So, if you have this concept in mind, it is time to change it.

Real Concept Behind Zero Gravity Chair

Actually, zero gravity has everything to do with chair reclining position which it takes as soon as you activate this chair. The concept of this chair has been taken from astronauts chair. During liftoff on space missions, this position mimics the posture of astronauts. Actually, when they go in space they face a sudden increase  in gravity as they are escaping from earth’s gravitational pull. It is important for them to change their posture to zero gravity position, so their bodies can deal with increase in stress level. Therefore, they go to recline position to distribute stress of take off all over their bodies. This position keeps them safe. They sit on a chair that reclined to zero gravity level and this level helps them safely leave the earth.

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What is Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Zero gravity chair is based on the astronaut chair concept.. When you activate this chair, it changes your posture and position. It distributes your weight  across the chair. You feel very light and weightless. Therefore, you enjoy a deeper and more intense massage experience than you get while sitting a common chair. The name of this chair is based on the reclined position it takes during the activation period.

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Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Now you might have a question in mind,why this position is effective for normal person. Why to offer him a massage with this specific position. It is time to dig into the benefits of this chair. You deserve to know what difference this chair can make into your life.

Virtually Weightless

Everyone wants to feel light especially after long hours of work. It is possible when you activate your zero gravity massage chair and enjoy zero gravity posture- which will help you feel literally weightless. You feel like your body has no weight and  it is floating in the air.

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Intense and Deep Massage

You enjoy deep tissue massage with the mean of this chair.  Every part of your body is in rest position, so when rollers move across your legs, thigh, abdomen and chest areas then you feel quite relaxing. You would love to sit on a chair that offers you such an enjoyable experience. Isn’t it? As far as other full body massage chairs are concerned, you usually get massage in upright position. Your back is not in full contact with backrest. Therefore, you get a massage but not a very relaxing one.

Improves circulation

Another benefit that makes this chair appealing for user is that it improves blood circulation across your body and especially in legs. It also reduces swelling. At zero gravity position, your legs are elevated from your heart level. This position helps you feel more relaxed than before.

Reduce stress and Anxiety

These days, you can not avoid stress and depression. It has become quite common all over the world. Since it is unavoidable, one must search for its solution. It is available in the form of this remarkably designed chair.

what is zero gravity massage chair

Is Zero Gravity Massage Chair Worth it?

It is indeed a question that comes into your mind when you look at price tag. As this chair is different from common chair, therefore zero gravity massage chair price is usually higher. But now you know why manufacturer charge more for this kind of chair. What difference it could make? If you book an appointment with massage therapist and ask for zero gravity then cost will be less, no doubt. But if you go for frequent sessions, cost of zero gravity massage therapy will be much more than price of chair.  Buying a chair makes it easy for you to use a chair whenever you need an intense and deep massage. You don’t have to visit any massage therapy clinic. But again, it should be your personal choice. You can buy it and enjoy convenient zero gravity massage therapy at home. On the other hand, you can visit a massage therapy clinic ; choice is completely yours. Make a decision which suits you and your requirement.

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